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Most communicators have built careers around careful attention to detail. Details that others generally don’t notice. It is entirely possible that we have the bug called ‘persistence for perfection.’ Because of this ailment, we realize the supreme importance of a targeted message.

For the past 20 years, I have surrounded myself with words. I had always wanted to challenge the idea of the ‘2-week vacation,’ thinking this was not enough time to truly understand a new country. To cure this, the first half of my career was spent living and working abroad. I was dedicated to the presentation side of business by creating meaningful, original content. Today, with an MSSc. in Communication and Public Administration in my arsenal, I work hard to create content strategies through marketing communications.

Living in many places around the world has made me rich with experiences that I share by contributing to numerous newspapers, magazines and vacation guidebooks. I continue to travel on assignment, wanting to bring a relatable story to the reader. My experience also includes working as a regular columnist for The Copenhagen Post, a staff editor and a contributing editor.

On occasion, it has been necessary to breathe life into a deprived business presentation or dull website content. I have likewise resurrected academic works (along with a few student authors). Toddlers, travellers, and trusted business executives have also come to me for language consultation, either wanting to brush-up, or take their skills to the next level.

It is important to fight symptoms of insipidness. I do this by having the world as my office. I have been published as far away as Japan, Denmark and the U.K.  Reliability, fairness, and a commitment to remedying challenges are core values I adhere to...all while injecting a dose of style into the mix.

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