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Even after intense editing, a text can be proofed. Any changes made to a text, whether big or small, affect the overall readability and style. Occasionally, after being with a project for too long, it's no longer possible to see mistakes. A fresh set of eyes often yields an alternative perspective that can not only catch errors, but also leverage ideas. In order to create a final draft to be proud of, proofreading before publication is a must.

At this stage, it's about proofing to perfection. 

  Samples of my work

In order to educate new authors on how to navigate the publishing world, NIAS Press Marketing Manager, Marie Lenstrup together with Editor-in-Chief, Gerald Jackson co-authored, Getting Published. As part of their marketing communications team, I proofread this book under a previous surname

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I regularly wrote and proofread leaflets in this format to promote new publications at NIAS Press

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Telefaction Web Content










Telefaction provides quality monitoring and performance management. In addition to translation work, I proofread Telefaction’s web content


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